GUNA, founded in 1983, is the Italian leader in homeopathic medicine and currently manufactures and distributes homeopathic medicine in more than 20 countries.  Due to the increase in demand from the United States for innovative and modern health solutions, GUNA Inc., the US subsidiary, provides cutting edge solutions via the GUNA Method and products to US practitioners.

GUNA focuses research and development activities in the field of Integrative Medicine. Recent achievements in the field of Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology (P.N.E.I.) have created both the climate and fertile ground for cutting-edge innovations in Integrative Medicine in the form of Physiological Regulation Medicine. GUNA conducts multiple clinical studies and expert reports indicating the efficacy of its medicine.

Patients today require advanced treatment strategies and protocols in order to achieve the best possible resolution of health challenges.  The GUNA Method and GUNA products are easily integrated with all other treatment concepts and in fact, optimize the effects and results of existing treatment options.


Founded more than 70 years ago in 1936 by the German physician Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg (1905-1985), Heel is the global leader in the field of scientifically-based modern homeopathy as an integral part of medicine. Reckeweg recognized the need for effective and easy-to-use natural-based medicines to treat specific illnesses. Challenging many of the tenets of classical homeopathy, he combined homeopathic medications in new ways and introduced a comprehensive therapeutic system called Homotoxicology.

Heel operates according to stringent pharmaceutical guidelines, e.g. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). From harvesting the plants to packaging the finished medications, every step is meticulously controlled. This helps guarantee the highest quality assurance for every preparation – whether it is used in New York, Johannesburg, Bogotá or Kiev.

Dedicated to scientific research, Heel co-operates with established academic centers on research projects and encourages an ongoing dialogue by holding regular round table discussions with experts in the field.  By building the bridge between homeopathy and conventional medicine, Heel is committed to an evidence-based approach and annually awards the Hans-Heinrich-Reckeweg Award to promote further scientific research in homeopathy.

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