Cancer Care


Recently Diagnosed

From the moment of diagnosis, cancer patients are immediately faced with a world in which they have minimal to no experience.  Starting with complex medical terminology and a range of treatment options, patients are emotionally strained to make decisions with limited time in which to make them.  The impact of a cancer diagnosis affects the mind, body and spirit of a patient.

Active Treatment

During chemotherapy and radiation, our goal is to keep you strong, both mentally and physically, while addressing the side effects of treatment. Specific acupuncture protocols are used to help reduce the stress and inflammation you may experience in active treatment. Working with your Oncology Team and constant communication is of vital importance.

Living Well

When Treatment ends, the questions continue. From how to regain strength to improving future outcomes, changing habits and dealing with post-treatment side effects. Integrative medicine can assist as you define your new normal and choose lifestyle options that meet your needs.